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18 Icons (Britta Perry, Jeff x Britta, Sloan Sabbith, Lydia Martin)
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No credit necessary. Tell me if you use them though because it makes me really happy :)

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Britta Icons (8)

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Britta eyes closed Britta Hipster britta war Britta

Jeff/Britta (2)

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Lydia Martin (4)

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Sloan Sabbith (1)

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by any other name, jeff/britta, T
community, britta perry
Title: by any other name
Characters/Ships: Jeff Winger/Britta Perry,
Rating: T
Word Count: ~2700
Summary: They go from friends to lovers to thinkers to doers and everything in between.
Notes: I don’t think Jeff/Britta are the ideal “perfect” couple that people should strive to be. But I do believe they complement each other and I think their relationship is so profoundly complex, it manages to be all of these things and none of them at once.

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Belated Short Ficlets
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These.... are really late. And bad.

These few are >500 word tumblr fics I did to get me over general creative block.

summer days driftin' away, Jeff/Britta, GCollapse )

i'll be your gold, Jeff/Britta, GCollapse )

necessary amenities, Jeff/Britta, TCollapse )

F for effort. F-minus for timeliness. 

a season for everything, Jeff/Britta, G,
community, britta perry
Title: a season for everything
Characters/Ships: Jeff Winger/Britta Perry,
Rating: G
Word Count: 625
Summary: As a rule, Britta Perry doesn't do holidays. Jeff Winger just likes to give her ironic Hallmark cards.
Notes: I had writer's block and decided to push through it with this really awkward ficlet.

Congrats, you're thirty.Collapse )

Fics for a Ficathon
community, britta perry
A couple short (heh), unedited (HEH) fics I wrote for a ficathon over here. Kudos to prologuize for organizing this whole shebang :)

but with what we have
Prompt: Evil Study Group - we get by

If this is what Abed calls the dark side, then it's surprisingly mundane...Collapse )

learn me right
Prompt: Troy/Abed/Annie - Graduation movies and someone gets sappy

When Annie starts crying in the middle of Crossroads, something's up.Collapse )

functioning mad and sadly
Prompt: Britta - Lonely sad fic, feeling like an outsider, thinking about her past failed relationships

Britta has no one. Wasn't that supposed to mean she was a strong, independent woman?Collapse )

my lover she is waiting for me
Prompt: Jeff/Britta - you're hell on wheels in a black dress

"Sleeping with me does miracles to your fashion sense."Collapse )

i had the time of my life fighting dragons with you
Prompt: Troy/Annie, Bridge to Terabithia AU

warning: this one got way ahead of me

"Hi, I'm Troy." "I'm Annie."Collapse )

Lessons in Grand Romantic Gestures, G, Jeff/Britta
community, britta perry

Title: Lessons in Grand Romantic Gestures
Characters/Ships: Jeff/Britta, Abed Nadir (+ study group),
Word Count: ~3200
Summary: "Britta, I'm a film major. The first girl always wins." It takes him years to get to this point, but Abed finally gets to play the sassy rom-com confidant.
Notes: Abed is really hard to write. And I hope you enjoy this :)

He's not good at giving first impressions...Collapse )

Something In Between That (Jeff/Britta, Community, T)
community, britta perry
Title: Something In Between That
Characters/Ships: Jeff Winger/Britta Perry,
Rating: T
Word Count: ~2500
Summary: “What we did wasn’t dating.” Next to their shared daddy issues, relationship definitions and post-coital conversation are the hardest things for them.
Notes: First fic I've written in two years. I'm super inexperienced, but if you think I've screwed up majorly with the characters/plot/etc, please tell me. I really love constructive criticism and there's no way to go but up.

"Seriously, what kind of a name is Gwynnifer?"Collapse )


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